Improve Your Business

What We Do

Established following 20+ years' experience per consultant, to provide senior managers with a proven and rapid change management protocol for performance and profit.

  • DeepAudit™ of the entire organisation
  • Change leadership team formed and trained
  • ChangeProtocol™ transfer too your own team
  • Outputs as fully populated Project Initiation Documents (PIDs)
  • Transferred into your governance process for execution and monitoring


How We Do It

Our credentials page testifies with case studies to the many clients who have successfully used our services and have then recommended to others.

  • DeepAudit™ of your people and organisation using an owned and unique approach to promote performance
  • Report to the board as to the scope of possible change and the likely focus
  • Formation of your own internal change team, who will lead the work
  • Skills training to enable a platform of managing constant change
  • Facilitated protocol that delivers the final change programme
  • Using the DeepAudit™ data, and expertise from the SWOT Team, change projects are formed and become fully populated PIDs
  • Director led governance is used to transfer this developmental plan to your boardroom to enable monitoring and performance


Client Outcomes

Using this original change planning model, only available from the SWOT Team, this programme has been used over many years by large household name corporations, as well as public and private sector clients of any size or sector.

The common bond between all clients is the realisation that their own people are the key to future performance and continued success during periods of change.

Used to achieve:

  • Mergers or integration of people from different teams or backgrounds
  • Increased profit, turnover and cash flows
  • Increased performance and productivity
  • Rapid turnaround of a failing or underperforming area or company
  • Pre and post merger or acquisition to provide the common framework for management
  • Restructures, where the Directors realign the business and need constant high performance during that process