Grow Your Business


Do you have an appetite for growth? Growing your business is a natural aim for most entrepreneurs/business owners. However uncontrolled growth can be disastrous. Remember the old adage "Turnover is vanity, profits are sanity?" With the SWOT Team's support you can deliver both.

Research shows that effective growth requires 6 key components:

  • Market Expertise
    Expanding sales requires a detailed understanding of the markets you are operating in, your potential customers needs and the competitive environment.
  • Business Vision
    Clarity about your growth potential, how it can be achieved and the resources required to deliver it.
  • Active Decision Making
    Creating a decision making framework that moderates the drawbacks of purely entrepreneurial thinking.
  • Growth Drive
    Increasing business size is a vital aspiration and seen as an indicator of success by most entrepreneurs but must be done profitably.
  • Sales Drive
    Sales growth needs to be planned, supported, financed, monitored and delivered.
  • Innovation Drive
    Delivering and refreshing new and existing products and services and accessing new markets and customers underpins all of the above.

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