DeepAudit™ is a unique and powerful business audit and diagnostic programme, deployed by business leaders who need to get a better bottom line efficiently and quickly.

Used in areas of the business where change has occurred, is about to, or needs to occur, this audit approach involves every member of staff in the defined area.

DeepAudit™ invokes a number of psychology principles that provide maximum return in a very short period of time. Within days the key issues are identified, allowing the business to effectively plan the next actions.

Steps to DeepAudit™

  • The statement of audit or change acknowledgement is defined and issued to all staff
  • All staff are invited to respond using our unique online and offline methods for maximum inclusiveness
  • The responses are gathered at a defined stop point and prioritised using defined business filters
  • Financial and marketing information is gathered in support of the operational response
  • Interviews are conducted with the senior team in order to contextualise the feedback
  • The business analysis is performed using proven methods
  • A report is produced to summarise the position of the organisation and the drivers for change
  • The report is presented to the business leader; showing the key issues and focus areas for developmental action

Timescale is approximately three weeks from instruction to report for up to 500 staff.

Due to the nature of the audit approach and the method of data recovery from staff, this process will provide the deepest audit available at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

Investment level varies between £2.000 and £5,000 (UK based) plus expenses. The investment return will outweigh input by a significant factor in virtually every case, simply due to the nature and scope of the opportunities uncovered.

DeepAudit™ can be followed by ChangeProtocol™, a change management driver developed by the same team and delivered with your own management team to enable effective change management.

Clients who have used this approach can be found here.

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